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Measure the room and draw reference lines. Lay out sheets of tile along both the vertical and horizontal reference lines. If these lines will produce small or difficult cuts at the edges, shift them until you're satisfied with the layout. Beginning at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines, apply the recommended adhesive in one quadrant.

Spread it outward evenly with a notched trowel. Lay down only as much adhesive as you can cover in 10 to 15 minutes. Stabilize a sheet of tile by randomly inserting three or four plastic spacers into the open joints. Pick up diagonally opposite corners of the square and move it to the intersection of the horizontal and vertical references lines. Align the sides with the reference lines and gently press one corner into place on the adhesive.

Slowly lower the opposite corner, making sure the sides remain square with the reference lines. Massage the sheet into the adhesive, being careful not to press too hard or twist the sheet out of position. Continue setting tile, filling in one square area after another. When two or three sheets are in place, lay a scrap of 2 x 4 wrapped in carpet across them and tap it with a rubber mallet to set the fabric mesh into the adhesive and force out any trapped air.

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Luminous appearance : All but the darkest glass tiles will tend to reflect light rather than absorb it. Durability : As long as your glass tiles have passed the stringent ASTM standards required to be approved for use as a flooring material, they should be durable and resistant to cracking under anything less than a sharp direct force applied with a hard object such as a hammer.

Scratches are another matter—glass tiles will scratch. High cost : One of the biggest drawbacks of using mosaic glass tiles is the price.

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Difficult installation : Unlike ceramic or natural stone tiles , glass mosaics are particularly difficult to install. If you are not careful, the adhesive will show through the tile. Unless you are very experienced with laying tile, it's best to hire a professional—someone with experience working with glass mosaics.

Susceptible to scratches : While glass mosaics are durable and resistant to stains, they are susceptible to scratches. Over time, scratches will accumulate in a glass mosaic floor, and after several years the installation will need to be replaced. There are some colors and finishes that can be purchased which will hide damage from scratches. Breakage : While glass flooring tiles are quite durable, there are occasions when dropping something heavy from a great height will crack or chip a tile. OMG so beautiful. As always, you are a pro at picking grout color.

The tile ended up being my favorite part of the kitchen!!!! Thank you Casey!! Have you checked out this post about grout? I spill my secrets to choosing the right one. I also love and miss that tile.

A Guide to Choosing Glass Mosaic Tile

It was so pretty in person. Love it. Amazng job!

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We are getting ready to remodel our bathroom. I have picked your 6 option from Lowes. The basket weave marble. Super excuted to get started.

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I do have two questions maybe you can help with. Do you have to use cement board over subfloor? We are planning to put down heat also. That brings me to question 2 2.

Install Mosaic Floor Tile - Extreme How To

Will the threshold help with the different in grade between floors or is it just for nice transition? Thanks Leigh! To answer your questions…. My other piece of advice is to get a threshold to tie the two floors together. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You Might Also Like. By Sarah. Reply Peggi February 13, at am Beautiful! Reply Sarah February 13, at am I know! Reply Sarah February 13, at am Thanks so much Monica! Reply Allie February 13, at am I love the tile you chose!

Like you said, pretty and classic, but unique at the same time.

Hex Mosaic Floor Tile Install

Reply Sarah February 13, at am Thank you Allie! Reply Amanda February 13, at am I love the tile! Reply Sarah February 13, at am Thanks Amanda! Reply Julie S February 13, at am Beautiful choice! Reply Sarah February 13, at am Thanks Julie!

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Reply Sarah February 13, at pm Thank you so much Melanie! Reply Emily February 13, at pm This looks so great! Reply Sarah February 13, at pm Thank you so much Emily!

DIY Tips For Cleaning Tile Floors

Reply MelissaB February 13, at pm I am in love with your floor! Did you not have to seal your tile before installing? Reply Sarah February 13, at pm Thank you! Reply Camille February 13, at pm Gorgeous! Reply Sarah February 13, at pm Thanks Camille! Reply Sarah February 14, at am Thank you Casey!!