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Deznat Chocolate Sundae OIC Aht Right Round Hockey Butt Fronto Rasshole MAMIL Shower Surrender Cobra We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and will work to make sure the problem is addressed. I have no idea why I got a Trip Advisor email telling me someone had a question regarding this Hampton. When I came here I found an apology for a problem which we never had, I gave an outstanding review and Ronald H's comment about how they liked the room.

If someone does have a question for me, I hope they submit it again. Sorry, but I'm very confused. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. The end is nigh! Cursed 25 0 Chaotic Comedy Players and enemies are defeated in one hit! Cursed 25 0 Chaotic Pendulum Significantly lowers cooldowns for players and enemies, but also increases enemy damage and speed!

Cursed 25 Conga Drum Set Spawns explosive barrels randomly throughout the trials! Wizards become immune to exploding barrels but recover slower from attacks. Cursed 25 Crimson Clover Critical hit chance is increased for you and all enemies! Cursed 0 0 Cruel Chess Clock Reduces cooldowns by half but deal less damage!

Cursed 0 0 Death's Scythe All players constantly lose health but deal more damage as their health gets lower!


Dealing damage to enemies restores some health. Cursed 25 0 Double Edged Cestus Increase basic arcana damage! All other damage decreased. Cursed 0 0 Double Toil Reduces cooldowns by half but receive double damage! Cursed 0 0 Double Trouble Deal double damage but receive double damage!

Cursed 0 0 Fatal Firecrackers Defeating enemies causes them to explode and damage nearby enemies! Players take additonal damage from enemy attack. Cursed 25 0 Flashy Boots Allows you to triple dash but lowers movement speed! Cursed 0 0 Glass Cannon Damage increased but max health is reduced! Cursed 0 0 Golden Armor of Envy Increases armor but store prices are increased! Cursed 0 0 Golden Saber of Envy Increases damage but store prices are increased! Cursed 0 0 Graduation Bouquet Receive double relic drops, but lowers gold gain for all wizards! Multiple graduation relics do not stack.

Required for the Prestigious Diploma.

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Cursed 0 0 Horned Halo Revive with low health when defeated but consumes half of current health when picked up! This relic is destroyed on use. Cursed 0 0 Large Red Button Regain full health every time an exit portal is used! Max health is reduced and all healing has no effect. Cursed 25 0 Lastborn's Gauntlet Immediately pressing forward into an attack will guard the attack and stun enemies nearby! You recover slower from attacks. Left half of the Ancestral Gauntlets. Cursed 0 0 Magician's Wand Increases damage but lowers the activation speed of all arcana!

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Required for the Magician's Outfit. Cursed 0 0 Makeshift Bridge Pits no longer appear in hallways, but you take increased damage! Falling into pits is signficantly more painful. Cursed 25 Melting Pot Gain resistance to all the elements! Any elemental enemy can appear on any stage. Cursed 25 Mercenary's Dagger Uses gold to increase spell damage!

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Having insufficient gold causes your spells to do less damage! Cursed 0 0 Nog's Heavenly Boots Adds a significant chance to evade attacks but take double damage! Cursed 0 0 Ominous Loan Note Immediately receive a large sum of gold!

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All gold gained, with interest, will go toward paying off this debt. Cursed 0 0 Overpriced Insurance Expend all gold at the start of each stage and heal for a fraction of the expended amount.

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Cursed 0 0 Paronomasicon Your attacks on council members are more pun-ishing! Enemy attacks pack an extra pun-ch. Cursed 0 0 Quantum Capacitor Greatly increases movement speed for the player and all enemies! Cursed 25 Rulebook of Thieves All relics and arcana are heavily discounted. Chance to lose an arcana or relic when taking damage.

Cursed 25 Rules of Contingency All attacks deal 99 damage! Cursed 25 Sharpened Stylus Increases damage but signature can no longer be charged! Cursed 0 0 Silver Spinning Top Increases the activation speed of arcana but slows movement speed! Cursed 0 0 Spiked Emergency Kit Regenerate health while at critically low health!

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Max health is reduced. Cursed 0 0 Stanza of Flames All fire arcana cause burning but take double damage from water spells! Second half of the Poem of Fiery Rime. Cursed 0 0 Stealthy Haladie Attacks against enemies at full health deal extra damage! You take increased damage.

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  6. Cursed 0 0 Tiny Crocodile Heart Reduces max health but increases max health for each enemy defeated! Cursed 0 0 Titan's Equilibrium Increases the damage and cooldown for unenhanced arcana, but decreases the damage and cooldown of enhanced arcana! Cursed 0 0 Tortoise Shield Increase armor but decrease damage!