The Heroes of Hope; Illustrated (The Unusuals Trilogy Book 2)

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Once again the teens are fighting for their right to stay alive and live their lives in peace! We see the return of the baddies behind the original attack in book 1. We meet some new players! Will these new players be good or bad? So Mara, Miyuki and the rest of the group of Unusuals need to stick together and be prepared to fight once more.

Not everyone will be able to fight as there In Miyuki I was launched back into the world of the Unusuals! Not everyone will be able to fight as there is someone or something hunting them. This someone or something is determined to kill them all; one by one. This is the second book in the series, last year I read Book 1; Mara, my review can be found here. I was left wondering what was going to happen next, so when I received an email from Veronica asking me if I'd like to review book 2, naturally I replied "yes please"!

Mara is able to control fire and can conjure flames and fireballs in the palm of her hand. Miyuki has control over water, which is more difficult as she needs to have water nearby in order for her to manipulate it.

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As much as Miyuki, Mara and friends seem intent on doing nothing except living their own lives, not all unusuals are so good natured! Once again I found myself hooked and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Miyuki. This book is concentrated more on Miyuki so we learn about her, see things from her perspective. There is still lots of interaction with all the other characters too.

Veronica's writing style seems to have progressed and grown in this book, along with her characters. The goings on in both books seem to have helped each of the characters to grow, their personalities appear stronger; Mara's stubbornness is ever present.

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It looks as though Veronica is choosing one character to focus on and use as that particular book's title, I'm interested to see what the title will be and who will be the focus foe the 3rd book. Mar 22, Majanka rated it really liked it Shelves: reviews-march , book-tours , young-adult , fantasy , novella. In "Miyuki", the sequel to "Mara", our two heroines and their friends have it even tougher than in the first book. With The Stranger still hunting Unusuals, and with some of the other Unusuals turning against their own, they have their work carved out for them if they want to survive.

Mara is convinced her brother is still hanging around, and in fact, working with The Stranger. Then something terrible happens, ripping them apart even more. The stakes have never been higher. I liked Mara even more in this book. Miyuki was okay. With a great dose of suspense and action, an enjoyable writing style, and an eclectic mix of characters, this book is a great read for fans of young adult Feb 05, Anna Carolyn McCormally rated it really liked it.

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All of that and more develops in this second installment, and— This review published originally on giantsquidbooks. All of that and more develops in this second installment, and—no spoilers— Miyuki leaves the reader hanging off an even steeper cliff than Mara did. Once again Ms. But when Miyuki hits its stride, it hits it hard! My favorite thing overall was the complicated nature of the relationships in this book, which are so much more dynamic than in the average YA story.

Feb 09, Chiara rated it really liked it Shelves: e-arcs , young-adult , physical-review-copies. A copy of this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. So Mara was a pretty exciting novel. A lot of things happened and there was a lot of drama. Take that and multiply it by one hundred and you get Miyuki.

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Everything was action all the time — and it was amazing! There was shock after shock after shock, and drama after drama.

But the most amazing thing was that it all flow A copy of this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. It was fast paced and heartbeatingly new word — hurrah! But it did happen, and I was kind of broken about it. But now, thinking back on Miyuki , there were quite a few of those moments. And I think they are some of the reasons why Miyuki was such a good novella. I remembered writing in my review of Mara that some of the descriptions of the physical appearances of the characters were lacking.

Well that was definitely made up for in Miyuki. I think the descriptions of the characters was ace this time around, and I was not left wondering for one moment what a character looked like. Bane definitely upped her game. The ending.

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I need the next Unusuals novella in my life right now! I just need to know what happens! Miyuki is a fantastic read. Fast, action based, storyline rich — Miyuki is not one to miss. All rights reserved. Mar 31, Sophia rated it really liked it. Wow, this book was Just as action-packed as the first book, the stakes are even higher!

Spoilers if you haven't read Mara.

The main character is Miyuki in this book, and boy is she awesome. While I didn't like her as much as Mara, she's still a kicking character. Picking up right where the first book left off, Miyuki and the gang are still running! Miyuki has a interesting back story, and good character development, but she's still not as great as Mara. I don't know; I think Mara is Wow, this book was I don't know; I think Mara is so much farther ahead of Miyuki because I met Mara and connected with her, first.

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  • I do like how the girls butt heads once in a while, and Mara is still very much involved in the book. Chris and Miles play bigger parts, too, which is awesome! The book was more focused on the plot, because the world was already set up. It was very So much was going on, and new plots were added, Mara's past has come back to haunt her So good. I love how the world building didn't just stop, though. In this book, the reader is continuously engaged in the plot, immersed in the town, the history, everything.

    Most of all, I love the message the book sends. Mara and Miyuki never waiver in their beliefs and they don't give up on their lives. They keep fighting, which is always a great sign. I seriously can't wait for more! Mar 12, Bruce Gargoyle rated it really liked it Shelves: annoying-characters , creepy , fantasy , in-a-series , paranormal , review-copy , short-stories , small-fry-safari-kidlit-readers-cha , social-issues , urban-fantasy. I received a digital copy of this book for review as part of the Miyuki blog tour. Ten Second Synopsis: Miyuki and the other unusuals must decide whether to fight or flee as the stakes get higher in the scheme to hunt and use Unusuals in Jericho.

    This book seemed a lot darker than the first in the series. There seemed to be a lot more violence and the characters were collectively descending into a state of fear understandably , with some starting to crack under the pressure. The enmity between Mara and Miyuki is highlighted and was quite harrowing to read in some places. I was intrigued by the character of Nayara and her particular talent. It added a lot of depth to the story to have a character who wasn't in the original book and whose allegiances are not clear. I felt this book was a quicker read, despite being longer page-wise, as the action rolled on and we found out more about the original inhabitants of Jericho.

    This was a great follow-up to the initial book, with lots more action and mystery for readers to chew over. I'd still love to see an illustrated or graphic novel form of these books too! Mar 03, Brendan Mitchell rated it it was amazing. I was a huge fan of the first book, but this one takes everything to the next level. Leaner, tighter, and with more character development. It's an awesome ride and definitely ups the stakes.

    I think the voice is even better with this one, and I'm anxiously awaiting the third book! The Tall Book of Make-Believe. Sounds like it, anyway. Hard to find and pricey, too. See also Most Requested Books.

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    This book was a reader or fairy tale book of some type I believe, it contained several stories in it. We were thinking it was in that Tall Book of Fairytales, but I found a edition of that book on ebay and won the bid to find out that neither story was in there. I don't know if they have several editions of that book or if I have it confused with the book these stories are really in.