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The Notre Dame linebacker had thought for some time that he was in a relationship with Lennay Kekua, a year-old he had met online and with whom he had shared long phonecalls. In , after a car accident, Kekua was diagnosed with leukaemia, and in September , the disease claimed her life. But in the wake of this tragedy, the threads begin to unravel. Strange inconsistencies emerge. There are no records of Kekua at her university, nor at the hospital at which she had been treated. In April, the newly updated Defamation Act comes into force, but it arrives too late to guide Sally Bercow.

In July, Caroline Criado-Perez successfully campaigns to have a picture of a woman on a British banknote, an accomplishment that inexplicably triggers an explosion of extreme Twitter trolling. Threats of rape and violence escalate into death and bomb threats targeting an increasing number of prominent women, while Twitter comes under severe criticism for reacting to the situation slowly and inadequately. By August, younger targets of cyberbullying on other sites are emerging, and the suicide of year-old Hannah Smith prompts David Cameron to call for a boycott of social networking site ask.

Guide Index. What to do What NOT to do The Oubliette. The Waste Disposal Plant.

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The Glass Ceiling. The Missing Lynk s. On A Rail. Cables, Cables Everywhere! Walled In. The Roundabout. The U-Turn.

The Courtyard. The Tower. Hysteric Hydraulics. The Flood. The Factory. The Reservoir. The Aqueduct. The Water Distiller. Trial of the Disciple. Trial of the Hunter.

The catfish

Trial of the Master. The Power Couplers. The Dynamo Installation. The Manifest Facility. The Glass Cage. The Carousel.

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A room of Ice and Fire and Lasers. Director's Cut Shenanigans. I am using Oberon with a basic Braton and Skana to show that spy runs don't necessarily need stealth frames with powerful weapons to finish them. It's all about basic movement and patience that can get the job done. Sure, a Loki does it a lot faster and easier, yet there are countless players out there that still can't do spy runs right with them; hence this guide is for showing the basics for spy runs using the bare minimum and no Warframe abilities since clearly many people can't do perfect spy runs with stealth frames.

So once you can do spy runs without relying on warframe abilities, then you have truly mastered Spy missions without getting frustrated and without getting yelled at by fellow Tenno by tripping the alarms. Earth and Uranus have their own unique Spy tilesets, these are also included.

My Braton was modded using basic mods that are easily obtainable by new players and Serration is only at rank 4. Hush is the most important mod here. Too many loud nosies will alert guards in spy rooms that have them, this makes them activate the alarm if they hear two or more shots being fired.

Glaives are also a nice alternative. Once you master Spy missions, you can bring loud weapons and still easily clear them. But since you are reading this guide for help, you better bring something silent along. The spy vaults have not been given official names so I decided to be creative and do just that. Each section will have videos and if applicable, some extra explanations and pics on the ways to pass the obstacles in an easy way.

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The first route is the one everybody should take. Ignore the other routes, I put them there just for the sake of completion. Note: an Oubliette is a dungeon with its only entrance being a hatch through a high ceiling. A network of several conveyor belts dispose barrels, containers and strange black globes into fiery furnaces. The parts that have triple red lasers are randomized each time.

Sometimes easily passable, other times more difficult. There are two ventilators as shown to the left in this room. They can be destroyed by explosions. Weapons that cause explosions can directly destroy the ventilator as well. I prefer the Glaive's detonation attack or throwing stars with the Concealed Explosives mod since these weapons are silent.

Castanas will not work since their explosions are electric type instead of blast type.

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Bullet-jumping into them also works, because that jump type has innate blast properties. Route 1: Ceiling Cat. The first thing you see are usually the 2 sensor regulators. On lower difficulty levels you may instead see only one or a grineer guard. If it's a guard, stealth-kill it. Route 1: The standard way. Route 1: Gotta go faster! The arc trap to your left as you enter, do NOT shoot it as soon as you can. There is always a Sensor Regulator that spawns next to it. If the trap explodes, it will do electric damage on the regulator, tripping the alarm. Also, there is a small random chance that this Regulator will quickly look in the direcion of the main entrance you're about to step through before it starts to move.

This very rarely happens and I consider it a glitch, but don't forget about it. Route 1: The floor is lava. For both routes here, I skipped having to hack the door into the console room to save you the time. You can enter through the roof faster. Route 1: The practical route. I know there is a grate in the ceiling that sometimes can be broken through to reach the console but I haven't seen it like that for months.

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It's always solid. Maybe this is permanent or only shows up on low level planets.

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Either way I didn't include it in this guide since it's a risky path where you can easily mess up. Do NOT forget to turn off the switch in front of you as you enter! Route infinity: All roads lead to Rome. Under questioning from regulators, Maddox denied knowing about the specifics of private settlements Steve Wynn had reached with former casino employees who had accused him of sexual misconduct until those details became public years later.

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He said Wednesday that he had been aware of a settlement made with a cocktail server in while he was serving as the company's chief financial officer. He also claimed that the payment was made at the behest of Elaine and her husband. Maddox revealed as well that he was made aware of at least one of a number of complaints made by spa workers at Wynn Las Vegas about Steve Wynn's conduct during massages. Maddox, who was company president at the time, said he told the then-president of the casino to tell Steve Wynn to discontinue the behavior.

Maddox acknowledged he should have informed regulators about the allegations because company officials were aware of the reporting weeks prior to publication. Board member Patricia Mulroy testified Wednesday that the settlement first came to the board's attention in during a lawsuit brought by Elaine , who by then was in a bitter feud with Steve Wynn and the company board.