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Isn't that what life's all about Great reference books:. Being over 10 years old, the price guide is dated, but fantastic history and photos. Jim Linz's, "Art Deco Chrome". Schiffer Publishing Ltd. Again, dated price guide but beautiful. I haven't checked if there are newer versions.

Nice coffee table addition :. This is a collection of classic cocktail recipes with nicely shot presentation photos using vintage barware from Chase and others. T h e of the last few years yielded descriptions of the Pillsbury Company, for decades, has held a origins of over one h u n d r e d n e w p r o d u c t s Bake-Off, in w h i c h consumers enter recipes which companies attempted to commercialize. What was con- This information was organized and classified ceived as a public relations project has led to according to 1 the source of the idea and 2 the development of at least one cake-mix line.

The objective guide us to a richer and better understanding was to arrive at a classification scheme com- of the process of generating new-product ideas. Table 1 shows tive products. This classifica- financing new companies to exploit the dis- tion system has ten major categories divided coveries made in their laboratories by faculty into 22 subcategories.

The following discus- members. Since a recent federal law has given sion of this system has two objectives: universities greater rights to profit from feder- 1. The major categories and subcategories of ally funded research findings, universities the proposed classification scheme are have been establishing venture-capital funds described.

Each of these subcategories appears and technology-development companies. Basic research on processing technology. Some new products can become realized only 2. Each category and subcategory is illustrat- after basic research has lead to improved or ed by one or two new products for which the new processing technology. These examples developed a patented processing technology see Table 1 serve as evidence to suggest that which allowed them to use highly absorbent the categories are appropriate to the proposed peat moss in their new line of very thin sani- classification scheme.

After Warner-Lambert developed a means for testing whether containers on its Laboratory Sources production lines were airtight, they attempted Obviously many ideas for new products to commercialize the new device.

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Laboratory-based 3. Accidental discovery. Sometimes research sources of new-product ideas seem to fall into done in a laboratory leads to a discovery that is at least three subcategories—those based on accidental, in the sense that it is useful, but product research, those focused on process different from that hoped for from the research.

Basic research on "product. The com- is evidenced by the fact that, in , U. Eighty percent of the men European and Japanese companies combined. A Stanford metallurgical take the calories and cholesterol out of such professor came upon a remarkable discovery products as potato chips and ice cream. He found that he could make a reflectometers used by telephone companies to normally brittle high-carbon steel behave like locate faults in their fiber optics systems were warm fudge at about half the metal's normal very time-consuming to operate.

It took melting point, and it had the added strength of Hewlett Packard several years to develop its forged steel after it had cooled. Laboratory Sources 1. Basic research on 2. Basic research on 3. Management Sources 1. Organizational 3.

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Company Situation 1. Desire to break into 2. Desire to improve market 3. Desire to remain a 5. Distribution Sources 1.

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Changing patterns 2. Supplier Sources 1. Consumer Sources 1. Listening to consumers 2. Marketplace Sources 1. Identifying an unsatisfied 2. Changing behavior 3. Foreign Sources 1.

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These efforts have parts that normally require extensive machining. Management Sources Instead of pushing marketers to come up Managers can be the sources of new-product with ideas and then asking scientists to make ideas by coming up with the ideas themselves. The result: GE and its scientist-salesmen 1. Federal Express, conceived by the founder Frederick Smith, who was convinced there 2.

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A more recent example is done by Booz Allen found that produced Robert Bennett's, wanting to start a business major applications. The average for U. He founded MicroFridge, Inc. His patented switching device about ideas that might help the company's limits electric power to only one of the appli- new-product development. Removed from the ance's three functions at a time, so it can be day-to-day pressures of routine business mat- plugged into ordinary household outlets with- ters, such people are more likely to think about out blowing fuses.

The appliance is now mar- new products that would not ordinarily have keted to college dormitories and budget occurred to them. Xerox recently announced a new machine 2. Organizational encouragement. Because that combines high-speed copying, printing, researchers at the General Electric Company scanning, facsimile, and computing capabili- are supposed to get their ideas accepted by ties in a single unit.

The machine had it origins other departments and divisions, the compa- at Xerox's California research center, where ny's management uses a variety of organiza- "the project started as a labor of love for a tiny tional tactics to encourage cross- pollination of team of Xerox engineers, marketers, and futur- new-product ideas among technology groups. Other unusual features low-margin commodity business because of include coffee stations that stand among black- the growing popularity of disposable razors boards where researchers can diagram ideas for and the decline of high-margin razor-and-blade others to see and comment on.

According to an systems, such as Trac II and Atra.


In an attempt official who guided the center's conceptual to counter this market trend, the company design: "We're trying to anticipate the needs of decided to use its many resources to concen- the office of the future. We want to understand trate on products with a technological edge better what people will need to become more that could command a premium price.

The effective in their jobs.