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Please get in touch with us with your ideas.

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To apply, please take this article , and send us a sample of your edited version with track changes. If you want a regular blog space to reflect your experiences and observations on city and citizens, write to us with a few blog samples, and a profile note. Join our large virtual team of writers, experts, well wishers and other citizens to be part of an impactful initiative.

Please mail us at hr oorvani. We are an equal opportunity organisation with a non-discriminatory environment. In your resume, it is not necessary to include your marital status, caste or ethnicity. In addition, we will not ask about other factors — handicaps, sexual orientation, or religion — at any time.

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Our expectations: Excellent command over English. Local language knowledge is important. Curiosity and articulation, and a love for the written word! The ideal candidate has the stomach for hard reporting on tough issues, while being able to mix up his or her workload with feature writing from time to time. More info on current openings Editor full time Location: Bangalore or Chennai.

20 Journalist Outreach PR Tools You Should Use Today

Experience: years. This is also a great full time option for exceptional fresh journalists looking to build a resume! PitchRate — Offers an opportunity to search queries online. Many of the queries are from bloggers and websites that are looking for experts to comment or provide written materials for publication. These resources can be useful to help position experts to reporters who are already working on stories. Many of the posts focus on stories related to self help, finance, or national topics.

But if your nonprofit works on health-related issues — or has an expertise in topics such as education and the environment — you are likely to find some queries that connect with your mission. As someone who posted my share of requests on ProfNet back in my reporting days, I can tell you what helped get my attention when I was looking at responses from sources. Keep in mind that you can do all of the above and still not make the cut. A reporter might only have time or space to include one response in his or her story.

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As a result, the reporter has to leave out a number of legitimate and credible sources. Peter Panepento is principal at Panepento Strategies , a full-service content, digital, and social strategy firm for nonprofits and socially-minded companies. Work with Kivi and Peter on your plan when you sign up for the next Nonprofit Marketing Accelerator , which starts August 15, Use the pieces you write to continue to position yourself for bigger platforms to showcase your thoughts and expertise.

For your writing to stand out, make sure your voice shines through. Have an opinion on a topic. You do not have to be controversial, but your position should be clear. The clearer you are, the more people can understand where you are coming from. Does society need to clamp down on technology?

Do we need more women in leadership positions?

The Best Live Shot for TV News Reporters

Should the government do more or less to control gun violence? Share what you believe. Read what you gravitate to.

With each article, take notice of who wrote the piece. Do you see a pattern? You might realize that many articles that you read are by a particular reporter. Once you have identified reporters that align with your interests and experience, reach out to them via email or social media. Let journalists know you exist. Twitter, in particular, is a great way to connect with journalists.

Communicating via Twitter is quick and to the point, which is what time-crunched reporters want. Reporters sometimes include their email address in their Twitter bio or post it next to their name in the article. Reporters will tell you the best way to contact them. If you want reporters to see you, use the mode of communication that is convenient for the reporter.