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In those dark lands, is where so much creativity blooms. Speaking of blooming, that quote by Jung is poetry. The rainbow bridge makes me think of Thor and Loki. It is fascinating how various religions throughout history have used the concept of the psychopomp to describe how various entities guide the spirits of the dead on their journey to the underworld. As I love Celtic mythology, I have taken the concept of the raven as a messenger that can transverse both the spiritual and physical world in my book as you described above. Thank you for sharing your insight into mythology and showing how it relates to the modern world.

Well done, my friend! HI there dear Linnea….

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Thank you so much for your excellent points here… I think Jung who used to love Alchemy, among other things took the archetype of the Psychopomp to a whole different level. Jung surely saw this!. Hence his idea of Psychopomp not only as a guider from Life to Death but as a bridge between Consciousness Man. Animus and Unconsciousness Woman. Anima seem very accurate to me. Hope you enjoy article which provides insight on how mythology relates to the modern world.

Thank you very much for sharing… I appreciate it a lot dear Linnea. I love your words. And, as I told you on your blog, I totally thought of you when I read as the raven as Psychopomp and the figure of The Morrigan inIrish Mythology… Delighted to know that you enjoy it! Thank you for the mention, and congratulations on your awards! All well deserved! This post is absolutely fascinating, you really outdid yourself.

You mentioned Hermes Trismegistus and I recall a brilliant post you recently wrote.

Absolutely enjoyed your article today, as I usually do. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead. So glad to know that you found it interesting… I much appreciate your feedback here, dear Inese… You are right as to Hermes Trismegistus as it showed up in my post about Hermes as a God of Writing as well: Good memory, my friend.

Thank you very much!.


So glad to know that you enjoyed it… wishing you a great week ahead. As always, so much to learn here, Aquileana! The Morrigan is a new to me. Not much Celtic mythology was covered the class I was in long ago. Me refiero a Jung y sus conceptos. Gracias por ello, por cierto. Segundo: Thoth, interesante equivalente de Hermes.

Me fascina el modo en que los antiguos egipcios combinavban rasgos humanos y animales en sus dioses. Campbell es alguien que ha relacionado a Jung de forma muy estrecha con sus propios trabajos el tema del inconsciente colectivo es, tal vez, el mayor de ellos. Me resulta fascinante!. A very enjoyable read. I knew of some of the guides, but many were new to me and the traditions are interesting too. Thank you very much, dear Scifihammy. Quite a wonderful presentation, Amalia! Dear UT; Thank you very much!

Carrying a canine head and merging with Hermes to become Hermanubis is a fascinating read.


I love this about Hermes: Hermes was the only Olympian god able to visit Heaven, Earth, and Hades, a fact he enjoyed bragging about to the other gods. I like the fact that you took time to highlight the paragraphs that resonated the most with you. They are usually shown in separte forms, but also as Ardhanarishwara, which is a composite androgynous form of the Hindu God Shiva and his consort Parvati also known as Devi, Shakti and Uma. Ardhanarishvara is depicted as half male and half female, split down the middle. Ardhanarishvara symbolizes that the male and female principles are inseparable.

Shiva is often shown in sitting position meditating. He is the supreme Guru to lead you to the Self, which is in Hinduism beyond Ego. Shiva represents the unmanifest and Shakti Parvati the manifest.

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Interesting to learn about Shiva and Parvati. The perfect integration of the Self. Thanks so much for the excellent contribution!. Wonderful post and thank you so much for the nomination! The role of the Anima, and Animus in men, and woman by Jung. The Yin and the Yang etc. Thanks so much for your excellent, erudite contributions…. I enjoyed the post as always my dear Aquileana! Thank you very much dear Kamila… So pleased to know that you enjoyed the post… I really appreciate your words!.

A lot to consider in this post, Aquileana. The Greek and Egyptian combo is new to Me, but of course makes sense when you put it in the context of Greek rule. The Morrigan was a Goddess of death more in the sense of destruction and annihilation and war mongering. In terms of the psychopomp, that role was filled by Donn of the Milesians in Irish Mythology.

I wish Irish mythology was as clear as Greek myth is. Legacy of an oral tradition, I suppose. At least some of it still remains, so we are lucky. Congratulations on all your many awards… well deserved indeed! I am having problems with accessing Twitter on my phone for some reason, but I will come back to tweet and share from my laptop later. All the best to you! Dear Ali, Thank you very much for your valuable contribution!

Or probably I just fail when it comes to dig into Irish Mythology. Quite surely! If you want to do something with me, or a guest post for example about Donn … next year, please let me know I already have some posts scheduled, but later on during still ahead! What a fascinating post, Aquileana. Thanks for the wonderful comparisons. Thank you very much for dropping in and for the comment, dear Diana!

And, I agree with you as to his good choices here as to Psychopomps and his specific comparative cultural study of different mythologies! Thank you very much dear Phil…. Thrilled to know that you liked the post!. Reblogged this on Spiritual Challenges. Were only male gods ever selected to take people to the afterlife?

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Hello there Char! I see what you see as the women and Music. I am thinking of the Greek pantheon, and I can only think of Apollo and Dionysos at the moment! Their mere existence gives much food for thought. Hi there dear Georgia, Thanks so much for droppin in and for sharing your valuable thoughts here!.

Dear Aquileana, as you know all good we make for people returns back. So, here is my award tribute to you. Thanks so much dear Maria! Such an honour…. I truly appreciate the nomination and your words here.


Aquileana what a great deal of intense research you have done with this article. Having grown up Catholic your inclusion of the Gabriel as an example really assisted me in grasping the concept. Also fascinating to include Jung. Superb post my dear.

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