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Emerging market bond sales have picked up recently, as central banks in developed countries continue to cut rates. In a newly published white paper, the nonprofit organization urges the Swiss parliament to act quickly to pass the stalled law and incorporate more protection for whistleblowers into the draft bill.

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Despite the negative rates environment, Mark Lieb, founder, president, and CEO of Spectrum Asset Management, sees Swiss banks in a better situation compared to their European peers, thanks to the strength of their balance sheets and their market positions. Other European banks need to follow, he says, a process that will lead to a reduction of jobs.

A number of European governments, including Spain, Italy, and France, have stepped up spending this year to spur economic growth, says Kevin Thozet, portfolio adviser at Carmignac.

A survey of purchasing managers released Monday shows that the slump in German manufacturing is dragging down not only other parts of its own economy but also growth across Europe. Stocks are acting as replacements for bonds as investors are forced up the risk curve in search of yields, says Johanna Kyrklund, Schroders group chief investment officer. The ratio of total credit to GDP rose significantly during the 6 years from to , from Moreover, benchmark Selic interest rates fell to their historic lowest level, to 7.

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However this movement was not followed on the supply side. The government attempted to contain industry hemorrhaging by temporarily reducing taxes on sensitive sectors. However this succeeded only as a palliative measure and was not enough to boost activity, let alone to encourage investments. By , it was clear that major changes to the economic model needed to be implemented - notwithstanding the fact that there would be presidential election in October of the same year.

GDP growth stood at a meager 0.

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She won the election, but was faced with a much tougher battle: to control inflation and the marked deterioration in public accounts. As yet, the government has failed to improve macroeconomic fundamentals. Coface also reviewed down the country risk assessment, from A4 to B see table 1. The reasons leading to this decision will be more intensively explored within the first section of this panorama.

The second section of this updated sector barometer reveals the effects of the recession, on a sector by sector basis.

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But there is no explanation of the methodology; no basic workings on how these figures were derived. But the current growth is only expected to reach 1. It is then expected to rise to 2.

With the Accenture copyright emblazoned on the report, it has now been released as a government document. With a nod to digital inclusion the report does observe that to make this miracle happen, South Africa will need to meet several conditions.

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These include improved connectivity, effective regulation and functioning markets. Optimised consumer welfare, redressing poor education outcomes, and developing an appropriate digital skills base for the new economy will all be crucial too. All undoubtedly correct, but this is no revelation.

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These are all objectives of current policy that South Africa has failed to achieve to different degrees over the past 25 years. The report makes no effort to explain why the outcome of two decades of policy reform and sector regulation has failed to maximise consumer welfare — its primary objective.

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Instead the sector is characterised by rent extraction. This has been by both the private sector high prices and the state licence fees and secondary sectoral taxes that contribute to the high prices. Like other reports from the slick international consultants over the years, they fail to engage with a host of critical inhibitors of digital inclusion and diffusion of advanced technologies beyond an elite. Menu Search.

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Photo Pexels, Pixabay. Read time 10 min. Evidence from the so-called third industrial revolution suggests that we should not take for granted that technology will translate into wage or productivity growth South Africa is caught up in the global hype of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4IR. The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution is no different. The limits of technology The notion of a 4IR might be a convenient way of packaging history and of mobilising people.

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