Lutheranism 101: Holy Baptism

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First Lutheran Church – Tacoma, WA | Introduction to Christianity (or Lutheranism )

You must be logged in to post a comment. Knowing about God. Knowing God. One way? The Bible.

Law and Gospel. American idols. Reasons to be thankful. Do we have to worship on Sunday?

Love for God. Love for neighbor. Who has authority for me on earth? What about murder, hatred, abortion, and taking care of my body? What about divorce? Have I stolen anything?

How can I be a better steward? Coveting and the gift of contentment.

Actual sin. Original sin. Sins of omission and commission. The purposes of the Law.

Lutheranism 101

Revisiting Law and Gospel. God as our Father. The Fall into sin. The nature and the work of Jesus, the Christ. Was Jesus damned? Did he bodily rise from the grave, or just spiritually? In most cases, if you've been baptized before, there is no reason to be baptized again.

Lutheranism 101 Baptism by Charles Lehmann

But if you've never been baptized and would like to be, please call the church office to talk to the Pastor and schedule a day and time. Only the desire to be baptized and the understanding that our Lord always connects baptism and teaching. Baptism is not a "get out of hell free card" or a magic wand that makes us Christians.

Baptism and a living faith in Christ are what save us. In the case of children, we baptize and then teach in Sunday School and Confirmation.

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In the case of adults, we teach the Faith first and then baptize in accord with the example of Acts Absolutely nothing. In fact, our congregation gives gifts to the baptized to help them remember their special day! While some groups insist on a specific mode or method of baptism. The mode pouring, sprinkling, immersing is not specified, and a baptism with water in the Name of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is always valid no matter how the water was applied.

St Paul's baptismal font is best suited for "pouring. Sign in. Paul Lutheran Church.