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The selections, which range from rollicking to sublime are dance length and are suitable for dancing or listening to. A dynamic Scottish Country Dance recording containing new sets of traditional and contemporary jigs, reels, strathspeys and waltzes, for dancing.

This lively CD, which has become a classic, includes 41 tunes arranged for Scottish Country Dancing:. Holden My Own 8X32 Jig 2. Braes of Breadalbane 8X32 Strathspey 3. Flowers of Edinburgh 8X32 Reel 4. Follow Me Home 8X32 Jig 5.


Set of Strathspeys 4X32 Strathspey 6. Mystery event featured people in traditional Scottish attire 2 of 4.

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Field was mystery location for dancing event 3 of 4. Do you recognise anyone at this mystery event? Show more comments. Crime Driver smoked cannabis, jumped red light and did 58mph in 30mph zone before crash that hurt 3 people Manuel Bangoura then ran off - leaving his victims stuck in their vehicle.

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He quotes one such line in Irish, which translates as:. There is no pain, no torment, no distress so heavy and grievous.

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As the death of friends and the parting of comrades. During the hearing Mrs. Johnson The Kitchen Musician No. T:Lament for Charles MacCabe. R:Slow Air. Scottish, Lament. The Irish ode, or lament, of which the following is the air, was sung for me by Phil Gleeson: but there is no need to give it here, as it will be found in Hardiman's Irish Minstrelsy , vol. Carrigaline, 8 miles S. T:Lament for Donoch an Bhaile-Aodha. Clare, then living in Dublin , who learned it from the singing of the women in Co.

Clare but could not remember the words. Petrie, The original air, composed by John Roche. Roche Collection , , vol. Version of 1, later added to by John Roche himself. Hunter says that it was stated in the Gow collections that it was written by Nathaniel Gow's first son, Niel Gow, Jr.

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See also note for "Flora MacDonald T:Lament of Flora MacDonald. James Hogg. D Dorian. The song can be found in Sparling's Irish Minstrelsy. The story has come down that Reynolds was largely innocent, and the he and Catherine had planned to elope. Some time after the event her parents had them arrested and turned her against Hugh, to the extent that she gave evidence against him at his trial, when she claimed she had been abucted.

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  5. Treoir , vol. A Jacobite song written about Kilcash was the old mansion of the Butler family an old Norman family, long assimilated by the gaels and the home of Lady Iveagh, the heroine of the song. It was set to its tune in by a Father Lane , who had been sponsered and educated for the priesthood by the Lady, who died in July Scottish, Air. Irish, Slow Air. Composed by fiddler and pianist Josephine Keegan b.

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    Delargy, a science teacher in Newry, repaired violins and made under 20 instruments, uniquely naming them after family members. Keegan The Keegan Tunes , ; pgs. Scottish, Slow Air whole time. Composed by Nathaniel Gow , perhaps in memory of Mr. George Ramsay of Barnton, Midlothian, who died in George was the son of a successful Edinburgh banker and director of the Royal Bank of Scotland , and was known for his hunting and coaching exploits.

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    T:Lament for Mr. Ramsay of Barnton. C Dorian. Composed by Hugh Gilmore. It was composed as an air without words. There was an accordion player in London named Raymond Roland who used to play at the White Hart in Fulham, among other places, who played this tune.

    But I understand it was actually composed by another accordion player named Seamus Shannon. In fact, the story is told that Shannon was playing the tune in a pub one night and the publican told him that he was really making a hash of it.

    Shannon said "What do you. I wrote the tune! G Dorian. He fought in Netherlands and distinguished himself as an officer in service with the Spanish, but in at the age of 60 he returned to Ireland and helped to mastermind the rebellion against the Stuart regime called the Confederation of Kilkenny. O'Neill won an important victory at Benburb in , but died three years later of an illness at Cloughouter, County Cavan, just before he was to campaign against Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads. It has long been maintained in tradition that O'Neill was in fact poisoned at the hands of a woman who placed the toxin in his shoes before a banquet.

    O'Neill danced vigourously at the affair for several hours, causing the substance to be absorbed into his skin, leading to his death several days later. The caoine, or lament, was obtained by collector George Petrie from the playing of fiddler Frank Keane Co. Irish, Lament. Composed by Turlough O'Carolan Anderson Ringing Strings , ; pg. G Minor Standard tuning. In addition to his academic success, Rogers was also a promising violinist Carolan, I have two brothers and they are in the army,. With my ri-fol-de-lay. T:Lament for Sarsfield. Similar, though fragmentary-like, to version 1.

    From the Hibernian Muse of Scottish, Air "Slow and Pathetic". Marshall, Fiddlecase Editon , ; Collection, pg.