Lago Maggiore, Lago dOrta & Beyond (Travel Adventures)

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After an incredible night on the lake, you will be well-rested and ready for the guided visits of Stresa , a quaint town of barely 5, citizens that overlooks the spectacular Lago Maggiore; Isola Bella , the site of an amazing palace and breathtaking gardens that you will tour; and Isola dei Pescatori , where you will have lunch just before returning to your hotel to pamper yourself with a soothing spa treatment. As a testament to the rich historical importance of the area, you will take a boat ride to tour the ancient abbey on the island of San Giulio, followed by a visit to the UNESCO site of Sacro Monte.

A Roman Catholic complex that is dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi, this site's construction began in and includes 20 chapels. Construction of the complex finally ended in , and many different types of architecture can be observed in these structures, due in part to the changing of the styles throughout the site's evolution. A truly spiritual experience awaits you on the shores of Lago d'Orta, bringing anyone who visits this exquisite location closer to nature and garnering a heightened appreciation for the lake's splendor that is only highlighted by the Piemontese landscapes which surround it.

We hope to see you on the banks of the Lago d'Orta in Piemonte! Please contact Shop Wine and Dine for additional details.

The Monterey Jazz Festival. Ancient Wines of Campania.

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Both Milan and Verona have public bicycle schemes, while some city centres have been closed to motorised transport, making cycling a pleasant way to get around — Cremona is an excellent example of this. Bikes can be taken on any train displaying the bicycle logo. Folding bikes and bikes packed in bags x80x40cm are admitted free of charge.

Lake Orta guided tour

You can use this ticket for 24 hours. On high-speed Frecciarossa and Frecciargento services your bike must be packed in a bag. Ferries criss-cross all of the lakes, though timetables are cut back quite drastically in the off-season November to Easter. The website includes timetables and pricing. Lakeside ticketing booths and tourist offices also have timetables.

A popular option are one-day tickets allowing unlimited travel. Operates up to eight ferries daily on routes from south to north Sarnico, Iseo, Monte Isola, Lovere and Pisogne and other smaller stops. Getting around the Po valley towns and to some of the main settlements at the southern end of the main lakes is easier by train than by bus. To get any further and explore the lake shores and beyond, however, taking the bus is often the only option for those without their own transport.

Services are mainly organised around provincial capitals such as Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Mantua and Verona , which act as hubs for the towns nearby. You will rarely be able to scoot from one lake directly to another by bus. Generally, it is easiest to get to your chosen lake by rail and use buses locally. Most bus services from Milan leave from Lampugnano bus terminal or Stazione Centrale.

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Elsewhere, in bigger towns the bus station is often handily located near the train station. Sometimes you buy tickets at the station ticket counters where timetables are posted , but often they can be bought on board. Most of the bus company websites have timetables. In Ticino, on the Swiss side of the lakes, train is the easiest way to get between the three main cities Lugano, Locarno and Bellinzona.

Local buses and private trains cover some of the lakeside spots. Otherwise, the country's network of postal buses comes into its own for reaching into the fascinating back valleys that wind off north of Locarno and Bellinzona. Timetables are generally posted at stops. Italy boasts an extensive privatised network of autostrade motorways , represented on road signs by a white A followed by a number on a green background.

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You can pay tolls on Italian motorways with cash or credit card as you leave the autostrada. You'll be doing most of your travelling on the spiderweb network of strade statali state highways, coded SS , strade regionali regional highways, SR and strade provinciali provincial routes, SP.

Foreigners do not have to join, but instead pay a per incident fee. Around the lakes and in mountain areas, driving on spring and summer weekends can be a real test of patience as half of Milan's population seems to stream northward. Fuel prices are among the highest in Europe and vary from one service station benzinaio, stazione di servizio to another. Prices tend to be slightly cheaper in Switzerland. To rent a car in Italy you have to be aged 25 or over and have a credit card.

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Most firms will accept your standard licence or IDP for identification purposes. Consider hiring a small car, which you'll be grateful for when negotiating narrow city or village lanes. Multinational car-rental agencies can be found at regional airports and in local towns, as well as local agencies including Autos Abroad , Italy by Car and Maggiore. Parking in most cities in the region can be complicated. The historic centre of most cities is generally off limits to traffic, although partial exceptions are sometimes made for tourists in such cases you may be able to enter the city centre long enough to unload at your hotel.

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