Greenshift: (From the World of Ambasadora)

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A girl tends to remember things like that. I still struggle with it and hope my readers will get the picture without those big expository paragraphs that slow down the action of the story. Who is your favourite character and why? I oscillate between Sean and Rainer. Sean because he's so lonely and has been hurt physically and emotionally in so many ways that seeing him be consumed with Sara is heart-breakingly beautiful to me.

Rainer because he is powerful and dangerous and usually controls every situation until Sara trips him up. Of course now that I'm getting Greenshift ready for release, I've been loving David a lot.

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He's the guy you run to when life becomes overwhelming. Did you base any of the characters on people you know?

Not consciously, but my husband and I will sometimes crowd watch and decide where people would fit within the Ambasadora world. One of my undergrad degrees is in anthropology so I've studied a fair amount of societies. There are several who do or have practiced polygamy one man with two or more wives , fewer who followed the tenets of polyandry one woman with two or more husbands , and a scarce few who actually make group marriage work. I decided to make this last one the model for families in Ambasadora.

To me it made sense, considering we get the hint that the original worldship dwellers were a small group of refugees from Earth. As death and disease took its toll, the only way to boost population and ensure a diverse gene pool would be through multiple breeding partners. After a generation or two, this practice would become established as tradition and written as part of the History. The fact that many citizens still tend toward monogamy is a source of problems in a society where promiscuity is encouraged.

That adds another level of on-going tension. I'd like to be a contractor because it is so removed from who I am as a person that it would be like trying on a new personality. I'd have to get blue contact lenses, though and hide my emotions a little more. If you were to go to the V-Side what name and appearance would you give yourself?

I'd make my av a female, pretty of course because who wants an ugly av when you can have any appearance you want? And, I'd go by the name h-bomb. Fragger is the sequel, and as the name implies, we'll get to see more of the anti-Embassy movement and meet some new players, while reuniting with veteran characters.

I always write from multiple POVs because I can't seem to write much on a small scale.

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Until Fragger comes out in early December , fans of David and Mari will get to read about them in Greenshift , a novella coming out the first of October. Ice cream is never silly—chocolate with peanut butter.

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  8. And finally, Who from Ambasadora would you like to have a lunch with and why? Because Sara said he was sexy.

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    And, congratulations on graduating last month! Some of my first and best advocates for my books came from the lovely ladies and gents from the Girls, Guns, and Grimoires Goodreads group. I know I don't hang out as much there anymore, but I check in on them more often than they think. And, much thanks to the wonderful authors at the SFR Brigade because they are writers that read--and the world needs lots more of those! I had a ton more reader experiences to share, but I've already taken up quite a bit of space, so I'll end with something I say in the acknowledgments of all my books: Thank you to all the readers who have championed the Ambasadora-verse.

    It inspires me to create more stories within that world and others.

    Greenshift by Heidi Ruby Miller

    She's fond of high-heeled shoes, action movies, Chanel, and tea of any sort. You can read about her at heidirubymiller. She lives near Pittsburgh with her traveling companion and writer husband, Jason Jack Miller. It was a rewarding experience to contemplate how readers of my stories have affected me personally. Home Want to be Featured? About the Blog.