Getting Over the Thesis Barrier

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Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate School. Overcoming Barriers in your Thesis Progression. View All Events.

Clive Landis

Offered by Graduate Pathways to Success. This interactive workshop will offer information to graduate students on how to: Efficiently structure the thesis or dissertation process for timely completion; Manage the emotional roller coaster; and Find support when your motivation ebbs. The assessment process by the experts interviewed reveals that there are significant differences between different stakeholders on how they perceive and score the barriers for the full scale deployment of CCS. The most significant differences are met in carbon lock-in and dependency on fossil fuel.

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Regarding on how to overcome the barriers and uncertainties for the full-scale deployment of CCS, the political willingness, the collaboration between governments, business sector, scientists and society and the awareness of climate change are met to be crucial.

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  8. Apart from social equity issues, there is an economic imperative stemming from designs that exclude. People who cannot easily participate in social and economic activities are at risk of becoming dependent on state assistance and tax payer support.

    Using an interpretivist framework the study explored industry stakeholder attitudes and opinions of universal housing design as a means of identifying barriers, and just as importantly, why they exist. It was anticipated that more appropriate processes for overcoming barriers might be identified. A survey questionnaire and in-depth interviews were used to gather information from across the professional spectrum including property developers, regulators, architects, building designers, land developers, and project home builders.

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    Two sets of public documents were also analysed, one set relating to housing design policy and the other set relating to public access requirements.