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The message is clear: being a moth expert is not a nine-to-five office job. If you want to have great anecdotes about the time you got paid to go to Taiwan and got stuck in the middle of a freak weather event, become a biologist. One of the most exciting projects being worked on by scientists at the Natural History Museum is the mosquito barcoding initiative, which is explained to visitors on a video narrated by insect expert Yvonne Linton. This global collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC aims to fight malaria by identifying the species of mosquito that carry the disease.

Some of this work has already been done at sea, on board a floating research institute called the Scholar Ship, on which Linton travelled around the world, identifying some of the problematic species in the on-board DNA labs. The minds behind the new centre hope to convince younger visitors that if they spend their lives getting dirty with algae and insect larvae, they could be the ones who discover the next brilliant idea that changes the world. Tickets are free but should be booked in advance at nhm. A weakened sense of identity is contributing to a surge in loneliness and depression.

Life itself is the primary example of emergence, resulting from chemical processes at the atomic scale.


To save bees make some space for wildness and let them look after themselves. Adventures in a scientific cocoon Thu, Oct 15, , More in Sponsored Free workshops at your Local Enterprise Office will prepare your business for customs.

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    Galileo (Battle of the Species, #1)

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    Mental fragility and the traditional family A weakened sense of identity is contributing to a surge in loneliness and depression. Emergence: Complex behaviour arising from simple roots Life itself is the primary example of emergence, resulting from chemical processes at the atomic scale. Latest Ireland. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register.

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