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Researcher Jacqueline Aiello tells us how. Reading for pleasure: appealing to learners, not readers — Reading expert and teacher trainer, Verissimo Toste, tells us about the benefits of extensive reading and how to get your students to do it. Why invest in extensive reading? Recommended for First Grade Preparation for school leaving exam Ukraine specific material. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time. He detailed his experience in his memoir Twelve Years a Slave , the basis of the film that won three Academy Awards.

Published in , Mendez's book details the complex rescue of six Americans from a hostage situation in Tehran in The film won eight Oscars including best adapted screenplay. Four of his 10 novels have been adapted for the big screen, but No Country for Old Men , the story of a Texas drug deal gone wrong, is his only book-to-movie to win an Oscar for Best Picture.

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No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path. One that we all must take. Toole, a pseudonym for Jerry Boyd , a fight manager and "cut man" someone who stanches the bleeding of a fighter's wounds between rounds.

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The Oscar-winning film was adapted from Boyd's short story collection, Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner , which he wrote at the age of Tolkien's work is ideal for film, and clearly The Return of the King , the third book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is no exception. The film adaptation won a whopping 11 Oscars, winning each category it was nominated in.

While this charming Gwyneth Paltrow movie isn't exactly based on Shakespeare's writing, it does portray Shakespeare Joseph Fiennes writing Romeo and Juliet. That's literary enough for us. The novel won the prestigious Booker Award when it was published in The historic poem was the basis for the Mel Gibson film that won five Oscars. From that day on, if I was ever going somewhere, I was running!

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Keneally's work is a fictional account of Nazi Party member Oskar Schindler's involement in saving hundreds of prisoners from concentration camps. A classic western tale, The Shootist won the Spur Award and has been called one of the best western novels ever written. The legendary Anthony Hopkins won the award for his portrayal of cannibalistic serial killer Dr. Out of Africa was nominated for 11 Oscars and won seven.

The film won eight of 11 Oscars. The novel was Guest's first, too. Platoon , Ghandi , and Chariots of Fire were the big award winners of their year. Kramer Based on the novel Kramer vs. Their portrayals earned them each an Oscar. Furthermore, some films based on long-running franchises use particular story lines from the franchise as a basis for a plot. The Marvel Cinematic Universe starting in is a shared universe with films combining characters from different works by Marvel Comics.

Video games have also been adapted into films, beginning in the early s. Similar to comic book-based films in the past especially from s , films based on video games tend to carry a reputation of lackluster quality and receive negative reaction from both film critics and fans of the source material. Some, such as Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. In , he retired from filmmaking, citing market failures and funding difficulties. Another likely reason for the failure of video game adaptations is that structural conversion from video game to film format can be challenging for filmmakers.

Nintendo video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto said in a interview with Edge Magazine :. I think that part of the problem with translating games to movies is that the structure of what makes a good game is very different from the structure of what makes a good movie. Movies are a much more passive medium, where the movie itself is telling a story and you, as the viewer, are relaxing and taking that in passively.

Whereas video games are a much more active medium where you are playing along with the story. We make that flow entertaining by implementing many different elements to the video game to keep the player entertained. Movies have much more complex stories, or flow, to them, but the elements that affect that flow are limited in number.

So I think that because these surrounding elements in these two different mediums vary so greatly, when you fail to take that into account then you run into problems. While documentary films have often been made from journalism and reportage, so too have some dramatic films, including: All the President's Men , adapted from the book ; Miracle, , from an account published shortly after the "miracle on ice" ; and Pushing Tin , from a New York Times article by Darcy Frey. Films based on toys include the Transformers franchise and the G. Joe films; there is a longer history of animated television series being created simultaneous to toy lines as a marketing tool.

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Hasbro's plans to for films based on their board games began with 's Battleship. While amusement park rides have often been based on action movies, conversely the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland was adapted into Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in Remakes and film sequels are technically adaptations of the original film.

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Many films have been made from mythology and religious texts. Both Greek mythology and the Bible have been adapted frequently. Homer's works have been adapted multiple times in several nations.

In these cases, the audience already knows the story well, and so the adaptation will de-emphasize elements of suspense and concentrate instead on detail and phrasing. Many major film award programs present an award for adapted screenplays, separate from the award for original screenplays. In the case of a film which was adapted from an unpublished work, however, different awards have different rules around which category the screenplay qualifies for. In , the Canadian Genie Awards rescinded the Best Adapted Screenplay award they had presented to the film Melanie when they learned that the original work had been unpublished; [9] and in , the film Moonlight , which was adapted from an unpublished theatrical play, was classified and nominated as an adapted screenplay by some awards but as an original screenplay by others.

When a film's screenplay is original, it can also be the source of derivative works such as novels and plays. For example, movie studios will commission novelizations of their popular titles or sell the rights to their titles to publishing houses. These novelized films will frequently be written on assignment and sometimes written by authors who have only an early script as their source.

Consequently, novelizations are quite often changed from the films as they appear in theatres. Novelization can build up characters and incidents for commercial reasons e. There have been instances of novelists who have worked from their own screenplays to create novels at nearly the same time as a film. Both Arthur C. Clarke , with A Space Odyssey , and Graham Greene , with The Third Man , have worked from their own film ideas to a novel form although the novel version of The Third Man was written more to aid in the development of the screenplay than for the purposes of being released as a novel.

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Both John Sayles and Ingmar Bergman write their film ideas as novels before they begin producing them as films, although neither director has allowed these prose treatments to be published. Finally, films have inspired and been adapted into plays.

John Waters 's films have been successfully mounted as plays; both Hairspray and Cry-Baby have been adapted, and other films have spurred subsequent theatrical adaptations. Spamalot is a Broadway play based on Monty Python films. In a rare case of a film being adapted from a stage musical adaptation of a film, in , the film adaptation of the stage musical based on Mel Brooks ' classic comedy film The Producers was released.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Films based on other media books, plays, etc. See also: List of plays adapted into feature films. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. June See also: List of films based on comics.

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See also: List of films based on video games , Category:Video games by type of adaptation , and Category:Lists of works based on video games. See also: Category:Films based on works. The Schubertian.