Easy Baroque Duets for Violin

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The pieces are of varying difficulty, for players of intermediate to advanced ability. Clearly edited and superbly printed, this album includes small gems from the German, Italian, French, and English masters of this immensely rich period. As a supplement to any string method, this book enables two players of equal facility to play together -- important in the development of pitch and the ear-training necessary for further chamber playing.

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List of compositions for two violins

Apple iBooks. Here are some of the most beautiful and heart-breaking pieces ever written. Because this is an opera, someone has to die.

Unfortunately for poor Mimi in Puccini's La Boheme , it's her. Not only is she separated from her true love, riven with consumption and hacking into her hanky like an audience member in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

It'd be nice to think that the rather more dramatic scene depicted in Amadeus , where Mozart on his death bed blurts out his last ever composition to an eagerly transcribing Salieri, was exactly how it happened. However, it's widely accepted now that it was a rather more sedate affair - Mozart slipped away in the night, and a fellow composer, Franz Sussmayr, assembled the broken fragments and finished it off in fact, he actually did most of the work on the piece.

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You might know this one from some of the key scenes in Oliver Stone's less-than-cheery Vietnam epic Platoon. You might also know it from how it makes you want to curl up on the kitchen floor and sob into a dishcloth. It's a staple here at Classic FM, but to do justice to Albinoni's Adagio you really do have to put your headphones in, imagine life in sepia and think back to that time the family pet was put down.

Ayre by Purcell from Easy Baroque Duets arr. Betty Barlow

With a title like that, it's unlikely that you'll be skipping down the street with this pumping from your iPod. No, we recommend some dark clothing, a stiff drink and possibly some more gentle sobbing. Many are harder than they appear though. Sometimes we had to do a double-take to make sure we were playing the right notes, because the music doesn't sound harmonic.

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Also, counting has to be perfect, otherwise it's a mess. We stick with duets that are relatively easy for our level to sight-read, because, for us, the duet time is the time that we can simply enjoy making music instead of struggling to get things right unlike practicing! I chose it based on a recommendation by someone at v.

We both hated it - lots of cheesy music perhaps because they are too popular and uninspiring arrangements! We had only used that book a couple times and never touched it again It's quite expensive too! Here are additional tips continued from my last post - 4 Don't stop if you play the wrong notes - keep going and stay in rhythm is more important. You can correct the notes later and see 6.

Easy Baroque Duets

You'll have a lot more fun if you're working on something that can sound good sooner. There is some nice syncopation, and the ensemble can be tricky in the Mozart and Bach duets mentioned above. The graphics and site is a little cheezy, but the arrangements are mostly nice. Try to hear the one part while playing the other. Use a little imagination.